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Published: 24th November 2011
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Data entry clerk is one of the employees in an organization and probably one of the busiest employees who keeps a track of all the data and update it in quick session. Data entry clerk will play a key role in the organization for keeping all the data up to date and they are responsible for placing the purchase order and sales order for the organization. All the work of this professional will be related to each and every activity of the organization and to maintain records and activities of every activity. Hence to fulfill the responsibilities involved in this job, data entry clerks must have the ability to work faster with very less errors while updating data.
Data entry clerks are also responsible for answering the phone calls from the clients, provide them with required information and process the data. They need to be very active and have knowledge over the computer database programs for storing all the data electronically.
Duties and responsibilities of the data entry clerk:
A data entry clerk is the responsible employee for all the data updated of an organization and is responsible for any sort of error occurred in the data.
• Primary responsible of the data entry clerk is to make sure whether the data related to each and every activity of the company is up to date.
• They need to process the cash or bank vouchers manually and electronically in the organization.
• Data entry clerks also have to assist the higher officials while preparing the monthly and annual reports of accounts and other activities of the company.
• They are responsible for maintaining accuracy of the information by putting together all supporting documents related to the transaction made.
• Data entry clerks are also responsible for preparing the sales invoice statement and purchase invoice document.
• They must make sure that the confidential data is safe and secured from the misuse of data from other persons or companies.
• Data entry clerks may also have to play a role in administrative activities by assisting the administrative officer whenever there is any need.
• If the files and folders are manual, they have to store them in a safe place and have to provide backup for the electronic data if it is updated in the computer.
Educational qualification required for the data entry clerks:
• The minimum educational requirement for a data entry clerk will be a high school degree as it is the minimum qualification required by all companies.
• If the aspirants have the bachelor’s degree specialized in the field of business administration then it will be an advantage for the candidates.
• Candidates must pose excellent communication skills in English and excellent analytic skills which will be very helpful for his or her career.
• Aspirants must have basic computer knowledge with excellent typing skills for getting a data entry clerk job in an organization.
• Ability to compete with others is also required by the data entry clerks as they have to face pressure situations where they need to work by showcasing their skills and talent.
Salary or remuneration for the data entry clerks:
The salary for the data entry clerks will be lesser when compared to the other staff members in an organization even though they have the burden of work on their shoulders.
The salary for the fresh candidates for the post of data entry clerk will be around $20,000 to $22,000 per annum depending on the company’s standards. The average salary for the aspirants who are in this profession for quite some time will be around $25,000 to $30,000 per annum.
The highest salary for the aspirants of this profession will be more than $32,000 per annum. Apart from the salary, these professionals will get bonus and incentives every year.

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