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Published: 29th November 2011
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A senior accountant is the team member of the accounting department and he or she is considered to be the most responsible person in the department and also in the company. This professional needs to perform various accounting activities and must guide their subordinates for performing efficiently at work. This person needs to take up the responsibility of handling each and every accounting activity of the company and accumulate the data for usage in annual accounting reports. Each and every accounting activity will be taken into count whether it is minor or a major transaction. Hence he or she needs to monitor the data updated by the lower staff members of accounts department.
Even though the responsibility of a senior accountant is to monitor the accounting transactions and preparing reports, but he or she needs to undergo immense pressure for rectifying the errors made by the subordinates.
Duties and responsibilities of the senior accountant:
A senior accountant has to fulfill the important duties and responsibilities assigned and some of them are as follows. They are.
• Primary responsibility of a senior accountant is to prepare the account statements of the company and to plan the budget for the company.
• To guide the subordinates like junior accountants to make reports of small transactions like updating petty cash books, sales book and other basic transactions.
• To train the new employees and to make them undertake the projects.
• Monitoring the bank reconciliation reports and cash reconciliation reports of an organization and keep them up to date.
• They need to provide assistance to the auditors who conduct audit work annually.
• Supervising each and every financial transaction of the company and must prepare accurate reports.
• To develop a good relation between the staff members and motivate them towards performing well for the company.
• Senior accountants are responsible for filing tax returns of the company by calculating the exact amount on the incomes and expenses made.
• To take part in the monthly closing procedures of accounts and keep the data for audit purpose.
Educational qualification required for the senior account:
Aspirants must be highly qualified in order to handle the responsibilities of a senior accountant as the responsibilities of a senior manager are challenging and only a highly qualified person can handle it.
• Bachelor’s degree in commerce and accounting is a must for the candidate to achieve their goal of becoming a senior accountant.
• Master’s degree in commerce and accounting is required by the aspirants to fulfill his or her dream of becoming a senior accountant.
• Even though candidates are highly qualified, his or her experience will play a crucial role in getting the job as a senior accountant.
• Candidates can also undergo certification programs like CPA (Certified Public Account) which will help the aspirant as most companies requires candidates to undergo certification programs.
Remuneration for the senior account:
Senior accountants are the highly paid employees in the department of accounting and finance as they have heavy burden and responsibilities to bear. The senior accountants are well experienced and the salary for these professionals is as follows.
• The minimum salary for senior accountants will be around $ 45,000 to $ 73,000 per annum in the United States apart from the allowances and bonuses.
• The average salary for the senior accountants will be around $ 55,000 to $ 95,000 per annum in America along with incentives and allowances.
• The highest salary for a senior account will be more than $ 95,000 per annum as per the survey conducted in United States.
Future scope of the senior accountants is pretty good and the aspirants can dream for a brightest future they can ever imagine.

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