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Published: 24th November 2011
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Office administrator is one of those persons who hold it responsible in updating the daily work by assisting the staff members of the office. An office administrator will have to fulfill a lot of duties and responsibilities in an organization. However his work may vary depending on the company and its daily activities. Hence aspirants who want to work as an office administrator need to be flexible about the work, timings and working conditions involved in an organization. Office administrators must be able to tackle the pressure laid on them by the management. As office administration work deals with all administrative operations, an office administrator should be able to plan all the activities and must ensure that there is no delay in completion of work.
Apart from administrative operations these office administrators should also look in to the basic requirements like purchasing the stationary, looking after daily expenses and many other things. This will ensure them no sort of problem arises while work in progress. Here we shall discuss about the important duties and responsibilities of the office administrator below.
Duties and responsibilities of the office administrator:
The duties and responsibilities of an office administrator are many and hence he need be well prepared about even to the unexpected tasks laid on him by the management.
• Main responsibility of an office administrator is to make sure that daily operations are up to date and must keep the data or files secured.
• To monitor the timings of the employees and should make the schedules for meetings and conferences.
• Must coordinate with each and every department especially with the accounting department regarding the progress of work.
• Office administrators must look after the daily expenses of the company like purchasing of stationary and other office requirements. They also need to supervise the departmental expenses of every department.
• Office administrators need to take part in preparing the presentations, memorandums and the proposals.
• They need to take up the responsibility of preparing schedules for appointments of higher authorities.
• To prepare the monthly BRS (Bank Reconciliation Statement) of that branch. However some companies may also requires them to prepare the cash reconciliation statements every month.
• Preparing the financial procedures of the organizations and implementing it successfully is one of the most responsibilities of the office administrators.
Education requirements to become office administrators:
Generally most organizations recruit office administrators for assigning them the administrative work. Hence aspirants need management skills which can be acquired by doing management courses like MBA.
• It is important to acquire bachelor degree in business management to obtain the position of office administrator.
• Most organizations require candidates to obtain a master degree in business management for recruiting them as an office administrator.
• Aspirants are also required to undergo the training period under the senior office administrators to get placed in good company.
Earnings of an office administrator:
Office administrators are paid with good amount of salary after same as other staff members in the office. However they are highly paid depending on the standard of the company.
The basic salary for an office administrator will less than one year experience will be starts from $20,000 to $35,000 per annum depending on the standard of the company.
Office administrators with five years of experience will get the salary of about $45,000 per annum. This is the median salary for any office administrator.
The highest salary for the office administrator will be about $75,000 per annum depending on the company’s standard. Apart from salary, aspirants can expect bonuses and incentives monthly or annually.
Future scope of office administrators:
There is a very good future for the quality office administrators as most organizations are competing with other companies by paying high remunerations to the best quality aspirants to recruit them.

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